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The Sense Behind Depriving the Senses: Why You Need To Try Floating Now!

It happens to almost all of us whether we are stay-at-home parents, college students, or executives. What are we talking about? The answer is simple - stress! We want to relax and get some much needed rejuvenation. But, it just doesn’t seem to happen no matter how hard we try.

For most people, getting to a point of deep relaxation is difficult. While wellness activities like yoga and meditation can be instrumental in the quest for balance and rejuvenation, they come with certain limits that make it challenging to get outside of ourselves. For people wanting to go deeper, sensory deprivation using a float tank in a secure, monitored environment is the game-changer. Recent studies on the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive benefits of floating are proving that this experience has the power to help people generate lasting changes in the mind and body that lead to whole body rejuvenation. Here’s more about the deprivation tank benefits.

How Floating Can Be Therapeutic for Anyone