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BreathWave, Conscious Breathing - Jan. 22nd 8:00PM

Please join us for this gentle and powerful breath work event guided by Brayden Jones and Jacqueline Legere. This is a chance to connect with your own vibrational medicine; your breath!

We use a conscious connected breath to oxygenate our bodies and invite deep relaxation through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a practice of expanding self awareness and bringing us into the present moment. Deepen your relationship with yourself through learning to correct unconscious restricted breathing patterns. Learn to breathe deep and open to facilitate in letting go of resistance to life and invite more peace and love! You are the one you have been waiting for!

Cost: $45 please send an e-transfer to to reserve your spot! Space is limited to 11 people for this event.

What to bring: Yoga Mats can be provided and we encourage you to bring your own mat and a small pillow and blanket if you can. (doubling up on mats or using a thicker camping pad or having a blanket folded under you is nice) Please wear comfortable non restricting clothes that allow you to breathe fully into your low belly. Bring water bottle to stay hydrated.

What to expect: We invite you to drop your expectations and arrive with an open mind and a humble, playful curiosity. Very simply put, what you will be doing is laying down and breathing in a particular way that will be demonstrated and thoroughly explained for you. Its very simple, and we will be guiding you throughout the session. We will be there for you and support you in the technique. In this practice we facilitate you in connecting with the power you have within yourself to transform, grow, learn, and heal what ever is needed in your unique life journey.

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