Week Two -  awaken Your Creativity

Located in the center of the lower belly and pelvic region, we find the second chakra or the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs our emotions, creativity, and intimacy. The colour associated with this chakra is orange.


The sacral chakra symbolizes our creative potential, our ability to create fulfilling relationships, as well as our sexual energy – all coming together to help us feel empowered and confident. This chakra offers us the opportunity to allow emotional and sensual movement in our lives, and the ability to be open to a pleasurable life. This chakra is associated with feminine qualities, such as relaxation and openness.


A well-balanced sacral chakra will result in a satisfied appetite for life, emotional fulfillment, and creative expression. The balance of the sacral chakra allows us to improve our relationships with ourselves and others. The sacral chakra is instrumental in developing flexibility in our life, encouraging us to “go with the flow”. It also allows us to find a creative exploration of life and relationships.


Closing down the eyes, take a few deep breaths in through the nose. With each breath, allow any tension that your body is holding on to be released. Use your mind’s eye to scan your entire body, and breathe into any space you find tension. Let that tension dissolve with each inhale and exhale.


Take a long and deep breath. As you exhale, move attention to your sacral chakra in the lower part of your abdomen, and imagine a glowing orange light. With each breath, imagine the orange light spreading out in rippling waves, slowly enveloping your whole body. These gentle waves continue to move through the body, feeling yourself warming up in response. Continue to grow this energy, until it is completely surrounding the body. Feel this light energy like the ebb and flow of gentle waves hitting the shore of your body. Feel the infinite expansion of the orange light energy, spreading out in every direction like an ocean surrounding you. 


As you float weightlessly in this orange light, bring your attention back to the source of the light in your lower abdomen. Use your mind's eye to notice any discoloration, dark spots, or other blockages. If there are any, keep breathing deeply, sending your breath into the low belly to cleanse this space. Your breath dissolves any darkness, cleans out any blockages, and infuses the chakra with love. Continue to send breath to this space until your orange light is glowing vibrantly and clearly. This light inspires your creative energy and allows passion and emotion to flow through you. 

Float Affirmations

I trust my feelings and give them room for expression.


I allow my creativity to flow through me freely.


I enjoy a healthy, passionate, and pleasurable life.


I attract relationships with like-minded people who love and support me.


I embrace change.

Repeat this visualization and affirmation process until your session is complete. 

It's a great idea to journal a bit after each session, to really capture where your

Ideas and mind want to flow. After each session, Begin to look for

Similarities or differences with each experience. 

Enjoy Your Float!

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