"CHANGE STARTS IN YOUR THOUGHTS"                                                                 

    - Anonymous 

Welcome to the Nu-u Transformation Program.

This program was designed to help you activate change and transformation in your life.


The power of the mind is truly amazing and knowing that our thoughts are responsible for a large portion of our reality is simply mind blowing!  Control your thoughts and you are Neo in the matrix right? Probably easier said then done.  Throughout my life, endless encounters and talks with different people, teachers and creators alike.. I have yet to meet anyone who has truly  done it. I would even go as far as saying that it might be impossible to be in full control at all times... and still, I'm a strong believer in  improving and developing this area as much as possible.  

What is the Nu-u Transformation Program and how did it come to be?

Well,  I will start by telling you how I conceived the idea in the first place. I have spent the last  7 years learning about meditation, manifesting, life and energy.  It all started when I noticed the connection between my thoughts and the world around me.  I started reading books on meditation and researching different teachers out of curiosity and I found one that really hit me. The book is called, The Handbook Of The Navigator, Alpha & Omega by Eric Pepin. The concepts in this book really opened my mind and helped me understand that I'm here, co-existing with the universe and that it's actually meant to be a mutually beneficial relationship. 

As small as we might be in comparison to all that is Macro, our actions  do ripple through time and most importantly we have choices... We are constantly choosing everyday.  This was the beginning of my personal  transformation. The story has a lot more detail to it, which I will save for another time but the point is, I needed this shift to understand how much of an impact my mind and thoughts had on my reality and that the universe was here all along ready to hear me out and work with me.

Fast forward to today, I am continuing my journey by studying Tai Chi & Qi Gong, an ancient form of

martial-art that focuses on healing and energizing the body through movement and breath.  I am learning how to charge my energy and how my being is made up of several different energy systems.. Many studies and cultures talk about to these energy systems.. some call them chakras, some call them meridians, and others simply call them energy points.  What fascinated me the most  was the connection between these systems and specific aspects of our lives. 


This was the beginning of the Nu-u Transformation Program.

If you are familiar with Floatation Therapy, you would know that the tank is one of the most ideal spaces for meditation, visualization and introspection.. I have floated over 75 times and the meditations keep getting better and better.  In Qi Gong, we learn that there are 4 major training approaches to the practice. The body, the breath, sound & the mind.. The mind being the most powerful and important of the 4,  because of its unlimited potential..This brings us back to the power of our thoughts. 

I decided to create this program to help people feel great, gain more understanding, while super charging their energy systems.  It is a 7 week program that requires a little bit of commitment from you but the rewards are great.

 Each week focuses on a different energy system, learning, cleansing, healing and super charging that system. 

You would schedule a 60 minute float session once a week consecutively for 7 weeks, and each time you're provided a guided meditation specifically designed to activate and supercharge one of your 7 main energy systems or 7 chakras. 

In Week One - We meditate on finding and nurturing our roots. We focus on our connection with the world, with our families, friends and the structure of our lives. This meditation is designed to help us feel very grounded and safe in our living environments.


In Week Two - We meditate on finding our joy. What makes us happy, what gives us pleasure and really makes us feel good.. from good food, good company, to fun nights out etc... pure happiness and pure joy.


In Week Three - We meditate on the energy of our being, our vitality and physical vibrance. We focus on our connection to the sun while supercharging our physical vehicle, as if we are filling up our tanks with premium fuel.. Not for the purpose of speeding and weaving through traffic, but instead, for the purpose of simply going where we have to go.

In Week Four - We meditate on love. I'll be honest, my girlfriend used to ask me all the time "when are you going to thaw out your heart?" Thinking that  I didn't have love for her and not realizing that my emotional or emotionless states were simply a result of my story.. Underneath our hard shells, there is a heart that does feel love and in many cases, it to needs nurturing.  It's incredible to feel the physical change happen in this week. When you can physically feel your heart open up to give and receive love,

like a lotus flower slowly unfolding underneath the moonlight.

In Week Five - We meditate on our communication with others and with ourselves, our words and thoughts. The bible says that in the beginning, there was the word and that's all it took to start creation.. Some might argue that the word was in English  or  Spanish or  that it was even a known language.. I would argue that it is not the language that mattered, but the intention behind the word... As we learn to put power and intention behind our words, we begin to shift the course of our lives and speak our realities into existence more easily.  

In Week Six - We meditate on our minds eye, our intuition and awareness. Many studies speak on the 6th sense and confirm the existence  of the third eye in every human. I have personally done meditations where I intended to look through my minds eye and my experiences were completely incredible and amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my cellphone to capture the proof but speaking from my personal experience, I promise you, it is all very real.

In Week Seven - The final week of the program we meditate on our connection with source, with the

universe and with God. We allow the pure divine light of creation to descend upon us and fill our crowns, so that we may rise to become the kings and queens we were always destined to be.

 In this final week, we complete our energetic transformation. 

If this program resonates with you, please follow the link  below to sign up and give us a call to schedule your 7 sessions. It would be best to schedule the same day and time every week but if it's not possible, that's okay, as long as we're close.

If you are a member at Nu-u Float Studio, you can save a substantial amount

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If all of this sounded like mumbo jumbo but you still want to float 7 times,

At the very least, you will feel pretty relaxed... I've heard that floating does that.

Thank you all so much and I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing your thoughts on this new program.

Lighten your mind, power your body & discover a Nu-u.

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 519-304-6100